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Fisking Leonard Pitts

Posted by Doug Jeffreys on November 10, 2015 at 10:30 AM



As Usual Leonard Pitts is spewing his lies to further the gun control agenda. He uses that bastion of liberalism the Washington Post as his source and fills his column with partial statistics and outright lies. As usual Leonard’s column will appear in Italics and my response will be in bold.

Our fears, our guns, and our children


Toddlers shooting people at a rate of one per week!

Prevalence of guns in the home due to overstated fears of crime.

There is nothing overstated about it.

We have more to fear from accidental shootings at home than from criminal intrusions.

No, there absolutely is not.

It was the kind of statistic that would have left a sane country stunned and shamed.

No, because those of us with a brain know this statistic is false.

This country barely noticed it.

Except all you pansy-ass liberals are crying and wringing your hands over it.

It came last month, courtesy of the Washington Post, which reported that, as of mid-October, toddlers in America have been shooting people this year at a rate of one a week.

And we all know the Washington Post never has an agenda.

You know how the story goes. Little one finds an inadequately secured gun and starts playing with it, too young to know that death lurks inside.

The thing goes off with a bang, leaving a hole — sometimes a fatal one — in human flesh.

Sometimes it’s Da-da. Sometimes, it’s Nana. Sometimes, it’s the toddler himself.

This is called cleaning out the gene pool.

That’s how it was for Darnal Mundy II.

As detailed by Charles Rabin in Tuesday’s Miami Herald, Darnal, age 3, was looking for an iPad one morning in early August when he climbed a chair and opened the top drawer of his father’s dresser.

Instead of a tablet computer, he found a Smith & Wesson.

With the gun pointing directly at his face, he pulled the trigger. A .40-caliber bullet struck him between the eyes, exiting the left side of his skull.

Improbably, Darnal survived.

More improbably after brain surgery and rehab, he is walking, talking, laughing and playing and has recently begun feeding himself.

Darnal still lacks full use of his right arm and leg, but seems, in most other respects, to be perfectly fine, not counting the depressed area on the left side of his head where doctors removed a piece of his skull.

He and his family, it seems superfluous to say, were very lucky. Indeed, they were blessed.

The gun that so nearly proved fatal is now kept disassembled in a safe.

Why? Didn't little Darnell learn his lesson?

We do not know why Darnal’s father, who works as a fitness attendant, feels the need to own it in the first place. But who would be shocked if it turned out that he keeps it for home security?

Really? Even you can't be that stupid. Of course he wanted it for home security.

Putting aside the crackpots who think they’re going to have to defend Texas against the U.S. Army, that seems the most common rationale for gun ownership. People fear being caught empty-handed when the bad guys come.

It is, of course, a fear completely at odds with statistical fact.

Crackpots? I guess 6 million Jews were crackpots when they allowed the Nazi's to disarm them before being exterminated by them. 20 million Russians were crackpots when they allowed the Stalin to disarm them before his soldiers exterminated them. 65 million Chinese were crackpots when they allowed Mao Zedong to disarm them before his communist cronies exterminated them. Etc. So explain again how governments never ever disarm their citizens before murdering them.

Like the fact that, according to the FBI, crime has fallen to historic lows and your life, property and person are safer now than they have been in decades.

 Yes, I love how you conveniently omitted the part about a subsequent rise in gun ownership that perfectly matches the fall in crime.

Like the fact that, according to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, for every gun that is used to wound or kill in self-defense, four are used in accidental shootings.

Again, an outright lie by the ultra-liberal Brady Center and vomited forward by Leonard Pitts. "Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year -- or about 6,850 times a day." This quote was taken from the GOA Fact Sheet (https / Read the article, you will find all their sources listed at the end.

Like the fact that toddlers are now shooting themselves and others at the rate of one a week.

No they are not.

But it’s not just that fact is no match for fear; it’s that we live in a media culture that has the effect of maintaining fear in perpetuity, keeping it a low-grade fever simmering within the body politic, a heat that abides, but never abates.

A 2014 study by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, for instance, found that exposure to violent crime on TV dramas intensifies the fear that one may become a victim. CSI anyone?

Only liberals are stupid enough to believe T.V. shows.

And a 2003 study from the same source found that the more people watch local TV news — where if it bleeds, it leads — the greater their fear of crime.

And here, it bears repeating: We have less to fear from crime now than we’ve had in many years.

And it bears repeating: you can thank the proliferation of guns for the drop in crime. Just look at Chicago. That city has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation yet has more people murdered with guns, by far, than casualties among our soldiers in Afghanistan. Don't just stop with Chicago, New York city, Washington D.C., Detroit, Flint, Oakland, Baltimore, etc., Each of these hellholes has one thing in common, they all have very restrictive gun laws. There are 106 countries that have higher murder rates than the United States. Every one of them has banned their citizens from owning guns. Keep explaining how fewer legally owned guns means less crime.

But, though lacking cause to fear, we fear just the same, fear all the more, making life-and-death decisions about personal security based on perceptions that have little to do with reality.

Here's the reality; lawful gun ownership reduces crime.

We fixate on stopping the stranger kicking in the front door. Meantime, there goes the toddler, balancing atop the chair, chubby little hands closing on the gun in the top drawer.

That's what the Darwin Award is for.

The irony is as sharp as the bang of a gunshot down the hall. We fear so many things.

But some things, we don’t fear nearly enough.

Yeah, like the outrageous lies spread by the leftist loons like Leonard Pitts.




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